PhFlower Also Includes Cake2Go Philippines in Their Cake Selection


Quezon City, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Ever since PHFlower has decided that it will include cakes in their gift selection, it has started partnering with different key cake brands in the Philippines. Now, it plans to include Cake2Go, the brand that offers the first and only Toblerone cake in the Philippines.

PHFlower decided to include cakes in their selection because they realized that limiting their online selections to flowers is also limiting their income potential. They thought that since their clients love to send flowers to the Philippines, they would want to send some cakes too.

True enough, they have received a significant amount of orders on their first cake launch from Red Ribbon. Since they are planning to expand their selection, they have also decided to include Cake2Go.

PHFlower thought about including Cake2Go Philippines in their online selection because of the following reasons:

Cake2Go Has Some Unique Flavors

Cake2Go is a company that has some cake flavors that you cannot find anywhere. Some of these are the Toblerone cake, Ferrero cake, Nestle Crunch Cake and Devil’s Food Cheesecake. They are the only brand in the market that includes the brand name of the chocolates that they use in their cakes. This is somewhat good for them as most of their customers buy their cakes based on their names. has decided to include some Cake2Go cakes in their selection for this reason. If they can include some cakes with brand names of popular chocolates, they can be perfect gift items to compliment their flowers.

Cake2Go’s Product Presentation Makes Them a Perfect Gift Add-On

Aside from the name of the cake flavors from Cake2Go, the overall appearance of the cake makes them the perfect gift add-on. PHFlower brainstormed some ideas on why their clients choose their services. Some of them send flowers on key events like Birthdays and Anniversaries. From there, they thought that cakes are wonderful add-ons to flowers. And as long as they are designed quite well, then anyone who will receive them will be happy to have them.

Cake2Go’s Cakes Have Some Pretty Good Reviews

Also, the PHFlower research team has looked into the reviews of Cake2Go’s cakes. What they found out is that their cakes are not too sweet but it tastes good enough that some people are addicted to them. Aside from that, they also have some sugar free cakes for diabetics and the diet conscious.

The inclusion of Cake2Go's goods on PHFlower's selection is somewhat exciting. Let us see how this brand can expand the market of PhFlower.