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Calls will never be missed, a call centers edge to hired employees in the hospital especially in the 2nd and even in 3rd shift.


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Medical answering service assures its employers that patients calling in will have excellent customer service, get accurate information, fast, and gives out customer satisfaction. These healthcare call centers even with fast based way of addressing patients concerns, unspoken and spoken needs of the patients are also sure to be answered. These would help out lessen or avoid any readmission and cancelation.

Irate callers or patients are also caused by a long wait in queue. At times, patients who need urgent care will not be addressed directly due to a long waiting period over the phone. Abandoned calls will be minimized too with help these medical call centers.

Risk of giving out Personal Health Information or PHI from the patient and its affiliate is also one good advantage for one medical company who opt to have a healthcare call center for it is sure to be well protected. PHI should be protected for any misuse of information which may put a patient health condition at risk. Another advantage of medical call center is its perfect way of handling HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service.

Medical answering services are trained to avoid any HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service breach for any patient’s protection. This surely an inexpensive way of giving the patients the security patients need unlike obtaining information online wherein patients and its affiliates are asked personal information which is not at all safe.

Human interaction and reasoning and its inability of addressing the unspoken needs of the patients is what an automated services cannot give to its patients. This is also prone to mistakes as these are just computer generated questions and may crash at anytime. This is difficult for one calling in and answering the automated system to notice. This one clear difference of having medical answering service agent who personally talks to patients wherein these live agents understands the patient’s needs

One must consider that PHI can also be stored in any automated system and this may be hacked at any time. HIPAA breach should never be taken for granted by any medical establishments and an automated system or any online questionnaires is prone to this. Security of the patients and the patient’s information is one great responsibility of any establishment.

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