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Well-respected Philadelphia caterer won rave reviews


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2014 -- Recently, a well-respected Philadelphia caterer won rave reviews at a special event for politicians and celebrities. The quality of the food and the service were the talk of everyone in attendance. Catering fit for political dignitaries and high-profile individuals is something that all in the community ought to experience.

Skilled Food Preparation
Catering is an art, and skilled food preparation is critical for positive guest experiences. Food that is stored in freezers for long periods of time loses its flavor and can even have harmful health side-effects. Reputable Philadelphia caterers adhere to strict food preparation and storage standards, which helps to ensure the quality of the food delivered to clients. Freshly made dishes are easily discernible from entrees that have been repeatedly frozen and unfrozen to serve to guests.

Variety of Fooods
The variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts available to attendees makes catered events exciting experiences. Seafood Portofino, stuffed crab, New York steak and lemon chicken are among the tasty main courses available for catering. Appetizers range from antipasto type dishes to fresh veggies with an assortment of dips. Caterers meet with clients before events to select the optimal dishes. Clients can rely on helpful suggestions from caterers and a wide selection of tasty food to choose from.

Stay Focused On What Matters
Caterers handle all of the food prep and setup, which makes it easier for hosts to focus on guests before and during events. For high-profile gatherings, it takes a lot of effort on the part of hosts and planners to get everything in order. Renting the venue, setting-up seating and scheduling entertainment are just a few of the things that need to be done. It is important for hosts to get as much help and support as possible for things to go well.

Making Guests Happy
During events, caterers are there to serve guests and ensure the happiness with the food. It is nice to have professionals around to make sure meals are served correctly. With the right food and beverages, mundane events can be transformed into the talk of entire communities. In a city like Philadelphia, word-of-mouth travels fast.

Clean Up

Clean-up after events is something that can take a lot of manpower, and having a reliable caterer handle the mess makes it easier for hosts to enjoy the events. It is important that extra food is disposed of in the proper manner to avoid any type of unsanitary conditions after events. Having a full-service caterer can mean the difference between successful events and lack-luster occasions.

Have An Event Catered
For those interested in having events catered, look for service providers like DiAntonio's Catering that value the quality of the food served and have a reputation for reliability. With the right food, special events turn into memorable occasions attendees will talk about for years to come.

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