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Philadelphia Facelift Surgeon Dr. Howard Krein Helps Patients Decide if Facelifts Are Right for Them


West Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- Every year, millions of people consider a surgical facelift Philadelphia surgeon Dr. Howard Krein knows. But, deciding whether to undergo a procedure that will alter the look of the face can be difficult and scary without the right information. That’s why he created a new in-depth video that covers all the ins and outs and can help people decide if facelift surgery is right for them. In plain English, Dr. Krein discusses everything about the facelift surgery Philadelphia based Jefferson Facial Plastics offers. He is one of three double-board certified surgeons at the practice.

As people age, it’s natural to lose volume and experience facial sagging and drooping. With a special focus on facelift Philadelphia Jefferson Facial Plastics has helped thousands put their best face on with their cosmetic and reconstructive care. The practice offers patients who want to restore the youthful appearance of their face a full range of procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

There are many options for those considering facial plastic surgery Philadelphia Dr. Krein explains in his video. “We do everything from full facelifts, mini lifts, to just plain neck lifts. The difference is how aggressive and how much correction is needed,” he says. Some are concerned about other people knowing about the surgery they’ve had. “Usually I tell patients that if they really don’t want anybody to know what they’ve done, 10-14 days and they are back to work and nobody has any idea,” says the facelift surgeon Philadelphia.

Beyond viewing the video, Dr. Krein encourages people to schedule a visit with him or his colleagues, who also specialize in procedures for the face and neck. During the free consultation, they will discuss the patient’s personal goals and desired outcome and help them select the most appropriate option from the wide range of procedures they perform.

About Jefferson Facial Plastics
The double-board certified surgeons at Jefferson Facial Plastics use their world-class training, years of experience and the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures to offer patients a wide range of options to achieve their cosmetic goals. With an exclusive focus on the face and neck, their mission is to give patients an extraordinary experience and superior results. Through their customized approach and attention to detail, they provide guidance, security and support to patients in choosing the best surgical and non-surgical options. For more information or to schedule a no-cost consultation, visit: http://www.jeffersonfacialplastics.com/facelift-surgery-philadelphia/