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Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. Offers Tips on Employing the Best Security Features in Commercial Buildings


Essington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2020 -- In the United States, a burglary occurs every 23 seconds, and commercial buildings are four times more likely to be targeted than residential homes. These statistics are scary to think about, especially to business owners who stand to lose everything. That's where the importance of security products comes in. Installing high-quality security features in commercial buildings can significantly reduce the risk of possible intrusions and burglaries.

All business owners should consider installing high-tech security systems and state-of-the-art video surveillance in their commercial buildings. Security systems can deter a large number of burglaries from happening in the first place, either preventing criminals from getting access to the building or scaring them away altogether. However, those who are really determined and smart could bypass a low-quality security system. That's when business owners could benefit from having video cameras installed in strategic locations. Video cameras will document the transgression from beginning to end, giving police great clues to help further their investigation.

Security features aren't always big or costly; products like bright lights and Master Lock padlocks are relatively inexpensive but can make the whole difference. Newer models of padlocks are technologically advanced and come equipped with bump resistance, anti-shim technology, anti-drill plates, etc. Some even sport force-resistance, so criminals can't break in by smashing or cutting the lock off. These should be utilized alongside other security features for maximum protection.

When it comes to protecting important business assets, no price is too high. All interested parties can contact Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. to learn more or place an order for padlocks, lock chains, and other security products.

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Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. is an industrial distributor and wholesaler that sells leading security hardware for manufacturers including Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Lock. They provide their customers with all types of security hardware such as padlocks, file cabinet lock bars, safety lockout padlocks and devices, security chain, hasps, and much more. In 1985, PSPI created the Flexguard Security System which is anti-theft security hardware for computers and small electronic devices. On top of the friendly and efficient customer service they provide, this company offers competitive prices in Southeast Pennsylvania, as well as all of North America. To learn more, visit