Philadelphia Singles King of Prussia Issues Alert

Internet dating sites are everywhere you turn, but Philadelphia Singles King Of Prussia, a local matchmaking agency, wants local singles to be on the look out for potential dating scams.


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Looking for love? Beware of internet dating scams, warns Philadelphia Singles King Of Prussia. The matchmakers conducted a survey in the King Of Prussia area and found that many people who have turned to internet dating sites have been scammed by scam artists. Local singles for were looking for love, their next spouse, someone to spend their life with, but what they found lurking in the dark shadows of these internet dating sites was far from that. What they found instead was a bunch of dating scams. And these prevalent dating scams are run by criminals who troll popular dating sites and chat rooms to prey on innocent victims looking for love. Most of these dating scams are carried out by claiming they're Americans traveling abroad, when in reality, they're scam artists who live overseas, explains Philadelphia Singles King Of Prussia. The matchmakers warn women to beware, because their most common targets are women over forty--Divorced, widowed, or disabled.

The matchmakers explain this scam works in a similar manner each time. It all begins with the victim being contacted by someone claiming to be interested in them--And they ensure everything looks legitimate by filling out a complete dating profile with pictures and detailed personal information. Once contact is initiated, it can go on for weeks, even months, in order to form a connection, explains Philadelphia Singles King Of Prussia. The scammer might even send flowers or gifts to win their heart and gain their trust, but their ultimate goal is not love at all; it's solely to ask the victim for money.

The unknowing victims will send their money, since they believe they have a true connection. But the matchmakers explain that the requests will not end there. The scammer will face more and more hardships, each time asking for more money from their lovestruck victim. The scammer might also send checks, asking the victim to cash them or even forward a package to the victim's address. With love in their eyes, the victims are blind and fall for everything that comes their way. These scams are so serious, even the FBI has intervened.

With so many options available in the King Of Prussia area, the matchmakers warn local singles to avoid these high risk internet dating sites. If singles are struggling to date on their own, it's best advised to hire a reputable matchmaker to avoid becoming a victim of an internet dating scam.

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