Philanthropist Appeals for Funding Assistance to Provide Refurbished Laptops for Poor African Kids on Indiegogo

This project is about providing refurbished laptops for poor African kids. The primary objective seeks to turn electronic waste into electronic Gold, protect the environment and help the less privileged – “Victor Cheke [Canada]”.


Estevan, Saskatchewan -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/15/2013 -- Every year, a lot of electronics, laptops, smart phones and games are discarded by people in North-America. Most of these electronics need not end up in the garbage because of the health hazard they constitute and the economic value still inherent in them. Also, it is disheartening to know that a lot of poor kids in Africa and Asia will not mind a refurbished laptop or Smartphone so long as the electronic gadget is working. So, this project seeks to turn hitherto electronic waste into electronic gold, these refurbished electronics will be donated to charity, schools or given to poor kids in Africa and Asia.

Electronic Waste constitutes an environmental/health hazard on planet Earth. The negative health and environmental impact that electronic waste constitute should not be encouraged as the toxins and chemicals from these electronic waste contribute to ill health, cancer and other serious health effects. In their little but significant way, Victor Cheke’s philanthropy will help to address this global issue. Every contribution made to this campaign lends a helping hand to the survival of planet earth.

A minimum amount of $19,875 is required for this project to start-up in the short term, the money is needed for equipment purchase, logistics, and service payment to service providers.

However, if the money falls short, whatever is raised will be used to start off, while we seek other funding sources. Every donation matters and any donation of $50 and above will receive a memorable and wonderful gift as our way of saying thank you.

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