"Philanthropist Treats the Struggling Like Royalty at the Queen of the Catskills Bed & Breakfast"


Stamford, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- During the weekend of August 16 and 17, a dozen of Brooklyn’s poor will be regaled, encouraged, and empowered by a coordinated visit to theCatskills.

Terry Winston, who provided a young homeless man a fully furnished apartment, food, utilities, and most importantly mentoring will be continuing his work on an even grander scale at the “The Colonial B&B at Stamford NY – The Queen of the Catskills” Bed and Breakfast.

Flerida Santana and Michael Johnas are opening up their exclusive bed and breakfast to advance the poverty-fighting work of Winston, Executive Director of the New York Leadership Foundation.

“I’ve been abundantly blessed. From that, I’ve been able to help uplift over 100 homeless/poverty stricken people since starting the work in 2003,” said Winston.

This is the first year that the program will be on the move. “Thanks to the invitation to the bed and breakfast, folk will have a vivid image of what’s possible,” he said.

As for the motivation of the owners, “Where I grew up in New York City over 80percent of my peers fell into drugs, poverty and or the system,” said Flerida Santana, who prepares the gourmet meals along with Michael Johnas.

“What saved my brother and me were the many opportunities to leave the city and see another way of life.” She said.

While reservations for the Bed and Breakfast are often as far as a year out and open weekends are at a premium, Santana and Johnas indicate that the program will have complimentary space provided as long as possible.

“Some of our friends and family think we’re crazy to let paying guests in the home,” he said of the décor that includes gilded ceilings, rose wood furniture,and century old stained glass windows. “They looked as if I’d grown a giant horn on the top of my head when we shared this plan.”

Flerida understood the opinions of others. She said, “That’s why not everyone can own a vacation rental home or a bed and breakfast.”

Flerida Santana and the Bed and Breakfast have appeared in Mountain Eagle.To schedule an interview on this or any other relevant topic, as well as, to connect with Terry Winston and the participations ring Flerida Santana at (518) 728-9659.

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