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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2017 -- Based in Toronto, Ontario, Philip Castleton is a commercial photographer who offers commercial photography services to corporations, interior designers, architects, businesses, real estate, construction professionals and the hospitality sector. His images are frequently used incorporate communications, marketing presentations and editorial purposes. Guarantees that Philip Castleton gives to his clients is that he is dependable, a team player, predictable, focused, and at all times aims to provide high-quality photographs that meet each of his clientele's personal aesthetic and budgetary necessities.

Speaking of what happens during a shoot, Philip Castleton said, "Your involvement is welcomed throughout the shoot. Often, we tether our cameras to a computer. As the shoot goes on, the downloaded images are accessible for instantaneous evaluation on the computer screen, modifications to the subject or set can be carried out as needed, and you and the photographer alike distinguish entirely when the perfect shot has been taken. The procedure is well-organized, we use an assistant who contributes greatly to the arrangement and quality of the shoots, therefore, offering peace of mind to every person who participates."

Those looking for the best commercial photographers in Toronto ought to consider Philip Castleton. Philip Castleton also offers headshot photography services either at the studio or using a portable studio for CEO portrait, staff, and team photographs if it is not convenient in a Toronto studio. The pictures are suitable for marketing brochures, business websites, trade show displays, marketing brochures, and for all advertising purposes.

Speaking of what happens after the shoot, Philip Castleton said, "Once we complete the shoot, the images go into digital post-production to enhance files, balance contrast and color, verify perspective and digitally 'improve' when required. We feel it is a significant phase which ought to not be hurried. Our goal is to deliver strong, perfectly primed images which excite, motivate, and have an extreme visual effect. We always shoot raw and process in 16bit. Both high resolution and low resolution files are delivered via FTP usually within a week of the shoot or quicker by prearrangement if there is a deadline.

Philip Castleton quotes each project on a job by job basis, and separately assesses them according to the customer's explicit requests and conditions. Aspects such as travel, image use, time, and the complexity of the shoot come into play. Philip comprehends the client's need to have a fixed price in advance, everything quoted in advance; charges are fair. And, he pledges to do as promised delivering high-quality work on budget and in a timely fashion.

About Philip Castleton
He is a professional commercial photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. He has 15 years' experience, professional versatility, and a range of high-quality photography equipment to handle most eventualities. Therefore, those looking to hire professional photographer in Toronto ought to contact him and hire his services.