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Hauppauge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- Having sold two companies and serving as an SEO consultant for many companies for over 14 years, Philip Smith is an expert Internet Marketing service provider and business executive. Companies in Long Island and other regions in New York have been approaching Mr. Smith for digital marketing consultation services.

Philip Smith’s blog posted on the website he used to own, also mentions a unique strategy developed by him and his associates. The strategy affects Google search displaying thousands of the client website’s keywords on the first page of Google’s search results. As it says on the blog, the strategy took almost a year to develop. To prove that it is successful, videos are also posted in the blog. “The best part of this service is if we are not successful, you get your money back” the creators added.

In addition to being an SEO consultant in Long Island, Philip Smith also provides services business development strategies, website monetizing, traffic redirection, performance based marketing and lead generation, to mention a few. The blog also mentions the significance of SEO consultation, and how an efficient consultant can turn a business into a lucrative one, with the use of SEO techniques. For a website to be successful in dominating Google, and displaying in keywords in the first search page itself, the content needs to be optimized.

The blog also recommends the use of old domains rather than new domains. Once the content’s been optimized and uploaded, the next best step according to the blogger is building the strength of the domain. To do this, the content of the website is to be spread around the internet and this is the purpose of building backlinks. Backlink building won’t be necessary if the content in the websites are good. This can be well determined by an SEO consultant. The website also contains statistical details indicating the effect of social media on the search engines.

About Philip Smith
Philip Smith is an experienced Digital marketing strategist and reputed SEO consultant in Long Island and New York. His clients include companies like HP, Intel, Adidas, Newsday etc. He has been in the business for over 14 years offering SEO services as well as reputation management and business development services. He has written a blog on the website he used to own detailing his experiences in the field, the basic concept of SEO and how it can be made to work successfully.

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