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Philly Loft Co. Is Excited to Announce 3 New Helpful Tips for Those Looking to Move Into Philly Apts


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- As of March 2013, Philly Loft Co. is now offering residences at six different properties in some of Philadelphia’s most attractive neighborhoods. With plans to open three additional properties, Philly Loft Co. figured that some of their new tenants could use some pointers.

Below, are 3 new helpful tips for anyone making the big “move”:

1. Take a day off- When moving, it may be wise to request a day off from work. A move may be less stressful if the mover has designated a day solely for the purpose of transporting items into the new home. Also, if the mover has a traditional nine to five work schedule, they may be able to avoid traffic or congestion throughout the day. Having fewer items on the calendar during moving day can be beneficial in more ways than one.

2. Dedicate the space- Have an assigned space to systematically organize and pack away possessions. There are several benefits to having a single area dedicated to packing and storing. Perhaps most importantly, the entire home won’t feel like the back of a warehouse.

3. Have plenty of boxes, labels, and pens- Although it sounds like common sense, preparation is essential to a successful move. Moving can be a daunting task, but many people find that being organized prior to packing away their prized possessions allows for a smoother process.

Philly Loft Co. understands that moving can be difficult, but more importantly it should be exciting. Properties offered through Philly Loft Co. will certainly be “move-in” ready and now with these 3 tips; hopefully movers can be ready too. To learn more about the Philly apts currently available through Philly Loft Co., call 215-LOFT-215 or 215-563-8215. March may mark the month of a move, so visit to check out pictures and details on all of the current properties at Philly Loft Co.

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Finding an apartment that matches a budget can be a difficult task especially if the person is a first time buyer. Philly Loft Co. is proud of their ability to help give people a home in Philadelphia. Interested tenants can either give them a call or browse through their website to view the apartments they have available. To hear more please visit