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Philly Roofing Has Just Announced New Reasons to Consider the Color of Roofing Materials


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- The summer is approaching and over the next several months the heat will provide individuals with an opportunity to escape to various beaches, lakes, and pools. However, homes and commercial properties are not afforded the luxury of jumping in a car and finding the nearest body of water to cool down. The summer months can prove to be extremely harsh on a home or other property’s roof. When a roof get’s overly hot, the area underneath tends to have a similar reaction. A roof that is absorbing large amounts of heat and experiencing extremely high temperatures will have a shorter lifespan than a cooler roof. Furthermore, a hot roof equals a hot property and the many associated costs that accompany those warmer temperature. With all of this in mind, Philly Roofing is now informing customers of new reasons to consider the color of their roofing material.

When the summer months hit most people put away their sweatpants, jeans, and sweaters until the fall. However, another fashion trend seems to occur each summer and that is the emergence of lighter colors. Although many people correlate different colors with the varying seasons, lighter colors in the summer months serve a much more functional purpose than simply fashion. Darker colors absorb more heat and light. Lighter colors are more reflective and therefore absorb less heat.

Just as most individuals wouldn’t be caught in a black sweatshirt on an August afternoon, most houses would stay cooler with a lighter colored roof during the hot summer months. Philly Roofing is proud to handle all residential and commercial Philadelphia roofing needs. As part of Philly Roofing’s services, they are more than happy to be consultative in evaluating a roof’s current energy efficient status. Often times, a roof can benefit from lighter colored shingles. Many property owners are surprised at how much of a temperature difference can be associated with a lighter colored roof.

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