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Philly Roofing Is Now Offering Skylight Installation


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- With over 25 years of experience as a Philadelphia roofer, Philly Roofing has seen many trends come and go. Skylights have been around for centuries. However, the popularity of skylights has varied over time. Philly Roofing understands the importance of identifying trends, because homeowners don’t want to get stuck with a renovation that goes out of style quickly. That being said, Philly Roofing has always believed in the benefits of skylights. Not only are skylights aesthetically pleasing, but they are functionally beneficial to a home in many ways. Now, Philly Roofing is offering their customers skylight installation.

A skylight is a fairly simple concept. Essentially, a skylight is a window in a roof. However, that simple concept can have major implications for one’s home. Philly Roofing wants their customers to have all of the information regarding skylights prior to considering an installation. One of the major benefits, especially for urban homeowners in Philadelphia, is the added natural light that accompanies a skylight. Many of Philly Roofing’s residential customers live in row homes or townhomes. Often times, a row home may have a very limited amount of windows due to the close proximity of neighbors. A skylight can be extremely helpful in solving the problem of limited natural light.

With advancements in technology, many skylights are now deemed energy efficient and have the Energy Star endorsement. Skylights can provide a home with additional ventilation, helping to keep home’s cooler. Heat naturally rises and when a skylight is opened, it allows for rising heat to exit one’s home. Depending on the location of a home, a skylight may be better suited facing a particular direction. Philly Roofing will discuss all of the options with a homeowner when deciding the best location for a skylight.

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