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Philly Roofing Releases New Roofing Tips to Make It Through the Winter Season 2013


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- The professional contractors from Philly Roofing know that many roofing issues are bound to happen during the rough winter season, so that is why they want to let homeowners know about their new informational advice to make it through until spring. For roofing in Philadelphia, some may not know that a roof can be repaired during the wintertime. Their roofing contractors are well aware of what types of roofing materials can be used for entire roof replacements in the winter, and which ones will be better off waiting for warmer temperatures. With that being said, here is some advice that Philly Roofing suggests.

The winters in the Philadelphia area vary from year to year, but they still always have some record breaking low temperatures during the evening making it important for any roofing repairs to be taken care of in one day so no heat is lost. One of the most common issues that the roofers in Philadelphia say to look out for are ice damns. Not everyone knows exactly what they are and that they can be a very problematic issue to address. With snow and melted ice piling up over gutters, the icicles may look pretty, but there could be water seeping down the inside of a home’s siding. Philly Roofing wants homeowners to be aware of these damages that could be occurring from simple ice damns overhanging.

Philly Roofing also recommends other things to consider such as removing any debris during the wintertime, and any broken branches. Although this seems like something minor to address, if left over time the leaves and pine needles can decrease the longevity of the home’s shingles. To avoid any of this from happening to begin with, trim the trees to provide clearance over the home. Also, any spots and water damage seen in the ceiling of rooms could be a big indicator that there is a problem. They suggest getting any of these issues addressed immediately during the winter season to prevent any further damage from occurring, even for businesses too, since Philadelphia commercial roofing is available as well.

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