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Phishing Recedes in the Third Quarter, but Payment Services Attract 10% of the Attacks


Yakima, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2017 -- The organization known as the Anti-Phishing Working Group announced that in the last three months, there was a 22% decrease in phishing websites in comparison with the last six months.

In the last 9 months, however, phishing website counts reached their all-time high with the maximum number of fraudulent websites and attacks. These sites reveal passwords, PINs, credit card information and more from users that enter these sites. The sector that gained most victims was the retail and service sector alongside e-commerce sites, responsible of a total of 43% of all attacks from July to September. Down to the second place of all phishing attacks is the financial sector with 21% of attacks. Third place, the internet service providers, responsible for 13% of attacks. The payment sector came in fourth with 10% of attacks.

The phishing websites use malware software to leak important information that belongs to the users. The most frightening news is that 71% of all malware detected in the last six months were Trojans, which is software designed to seem legitimate but really isn't. Malware has been a cause of plenty trouble in the hotel and food-and-beverage services this year. The country most affected by malware is China with an infection rate of 47%, while the smallest rate is awarded to Norway, with a rate of 20%.

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