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Phlebotomy Certification and Education Information Website Helps Attract Thousands to Recession-proof Career Path


Walnut, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2011 -- Phlebotomycertificationcenter.com, an online phlebotomy training certification school directory is seeing a dramatic upsurge in Website visitors seeking information on education opportunities in the growing field. A phlebotomy technician utilizes the venipuncture procedure to draw blood that is critical for all medical lab analysis to check a patient for possible health conditions such as deficiencies, illness or disease.

In the current uncertain economy, one major bright spot continues to be the healthcare field. Consequently, trained and certified phlebotomy technicians are in ever-increasing demand in every healthcare setting. The virtually recession-proof career path continues to attract thousands of people around the country looking for a stable, interesting career with plenty of growth potential. “While phlebotomy is a financially and personally rewarding career path in itself, it has proven to be a gateway to many other healthcare fields such as nursing and a number of other technical healthcare fields,” said a certification Website representative.

Phlebotomists are specially-trained medical technicians and as such are required to take specific classes for training and phlebotomy certification. While training classes for the field vary from state to state, they normally consist of three weeks to six months depending upon the program and state requirements. With the growing need and thousands responding with interest, it is no surprise that there are many colleges and private trade schools that offer certification programs.

Phlebotomy certification courses teach subjects like cardiopulmonary resuscitation, legal aspects of blood collection, patient interaction principles, different blood collection techniques and an introduction to phlebotomy clinical practices. Once the necessary courses are completed, the student then must pass the national board exam to become a certified phlebotomist.

In addition to a plethora of education options, the Website gives detailed specifics of the phlebotomy field, age and health requirements, the typical working day of phlebotomy technicians, starting wages, employment statistics and necessary personality traits. “Just as in all of healthcare, empathy, compassion and professionalism are necessary personality traits for phlebotomists,” said a certification Website representative. “That is in addition to sound knowledge of the human anatomy, technical and communicative medical skills as well as some record management system, bookkeeping and data entry skills.”

Even after becoming certified, phlebotomists must attend continuing education classes and re-certification programs on a regular basis to maintain credentials and keep apace of phlebotomy field advancements. The Website is a definitive source for all phlebotomy education opportunities as well as providing a number of articles on phlebotomy certification as well as the field itself.

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Phlebotomy certification center is dedicated to helping their visitors learn more about how to start an exciting career as a certified Phlebotomist. The allied-medical field is a high-demand, recession-proof career that interested students can be a part of in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. Phlebotomy certification center aims to put its visitors on the right track for their future career as a Phlebotomist. For more information on this exciting field and training options, please visit http://www.phlebotomycertificationcenter.com