PHNIX Provides Three Surprises at MCE Exhibition


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Surprise 1 - PHNIX will show its new launched product, the AIR PURIFIER at the exhibition. The device shows real time outdoor air quality index for users and send fresh air into the house. With PHNIX new remote control technology, users can control the units wherever by using the unit Apps which can be downloaded from Apple Store and any of the Android Markets. And PHNIX POLARIS SERIES is worth mentioning in this exhibition. Thanks to the EVI technology, the device can work stably at -25°C ambient temperature. Compared with the POLARIS SERIES, PHNIX DC INVERTER HEAT PUMP's inverter technology is also a recommendable choice. The units can save more than 30% energy consumption in annual running with higher efficiency. These two technologies are sure to be favorable in the heat pump industry. And PHNIX is also making efforts to maximize their advantages. In addition, PHNIX has get a breakthrough on the improvement of heat exchangers for HEAT PUMP WATER HEATER.

Instead of simply wrapping pipes outside tanks, PHNIX adopt micro-channel Technology. Because of micro-channel heat exchanger’s flat appearance, the contact surface between the heat exchanger and the water tank enhances greatly, leading to higher heat exchange ratio about 10% and less refrigerant charge about 30%. Accompanied with these devices, PHNIX will also show its SWIMMING POOL HEAT PUMP and SWIMMING POOL DEHUMIDIFIER on the exhibition. Add a wireless module on the SWIMMING POOL HEAT PUMP, users can check the device status at any time by a smart phone with iOS or Android system. Users can also authorize the factory to provide maintenance service through an App. The DEHUMIDIFIER can not only provide people a comfortable swimming environment, but also can be used in other rooms of the house for humid areas. Want to know more about the products, visit the website address below:

Surprise 2 - This year PHNIX will bring its experienced Sales team and professional R&D team to the exhibition. PHNIX now have a more than 50 members R&D team for designing product appearance, structure, system and electric control. For any technical questions or ideas, don't hesitate to make a communication with PHNIX technology engineers.

And here comes the last surprise, people can now take out a phone and scan the QR Code on the screen and follow PHNIX Facebook page, they will get PHNIX latest news of their products and technology and also communicate with their team any time. PHNIX Facebook page will provide online customer service.

If you are interested in exchanging ideas of heat pump technology, contact PHNIX by

PHNIX, an international enterprise that commits itself to heat pump technology, fixes energy saving and environmental protecting as its development orientation. In its inception, PHNIX took "Innovation, Professional and International" as its development strategy and focused on the Research & Development and production of heat pumps. Now it can provide various solutions for energy saving such as house heating, sanitary and commercial hot water supplying, swimming pool thermostatic dehumifying and central air-conditioning integrated energy saving.More than 60% of PHNIX products are exported to Europe and America and other oversea markets.

As one of the biggest manufacturers of swimming pool heat pumps in the world, PHNIX occupy the core role in the high-end global market.PHNIX pays great attention to absorb and integrate the advanced technologies of heat pump in the world and keeps close communication and cooperation with the overseas Research & Development organizations. For example, the air to water heat pump which is the outcome of the collaboration of PHNIX and G&J from Sweden is popular in Europe with its excellent performance at low temperature.