Phoenix Car Rental

Phoenix Car Rental Announces It Is Largest Independently Owned Rental Car Company in Phoenix


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/31/2012 -- As of 2012, Phoenix Car Rental is the largest independently owned rental car company located in Phoenix. The 45-year-old company is still going strong, with no plans to change ownership in the near future.

According to executives at the company, car companies all across the country have been consolidating under a few major service names. Smaller shops are becoming more difficult to find as a result, and this isn't always good for consumers.

"As car rentals become more and more centralized into just a few companies, choices for consumers become more and more limited," a Phoenix Car Rental representative reports. "Prices seem locked, and car choices don't vary. Consumers shopping for good deals can really be left out in the cold when all of the small companies go away or get snapped up by big firms. We're happy to provide an alternate choice for people living in the Phoenix area."

Phoenix Car Rental focuses almost exclusively on the economy market, attempting to provide consumers with cars that run perfectly but aren't necessarily considered luxury models. All of the cars the company provides are made in America.

"These are two ways we distinguish ourselves from the competition," says a representative from Phoenix Car Rental. "Since we're independently owned, we can also make our own rules regarding who we rent to, and what securities we require from the people we rent to. As a result, we help many people who are commonly turned down by the big chains. People younger than 25, people from other countries, people with no credit cards … We work hard to help the people the other companies don't seem to care about."

Phoenix Car Rental has two locations: one on E. McDowell Rd and another on W. Indian School Rd. Both locations are fully staffed, and the offices are remarkably busy with clients. Executives report that there has been no decrease in demand.

"People seem to love the options we provide, and we're so happy to see that we have repeat customers who have been recommending us to their friends," says a Phoenix Car Rental representative.

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