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Phoenix DUI Lawyer Reveals Possible Strategies for Contesting DUI Cases

A successful DUI defense relies on examining the evidence and determining the proper strategy for every situation, reports Phoenix DUI Lawyer


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- A conviction for driving under the influence, commonly known as DUI, can have a serious impact on someone's life even if it is a misdemeanor charge. This is especially true for professional drivers like truck drivers, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, and the like. Even those who don't get paid to be behind the wheel will find spikes in insurance rates thanks to the additional points on their driving records.

According to Phoenix DUI Lawyer, a firm that focuses on defending DUI cases, the key to avoiding conviction is to bring in legal help right away. "Don't wait to determine your next move or simply accept whatever attorney the state provides," its site advises. Instead, defendants should immediately bring in a firm that has plenty of experience and attention to detail. This will improve the chances of being acquitted.

"There are many things that a lawyer needs to do to successfully defend a client from a DUI charge," said Ross Steeves of Phoenix DUI Lawyer. "We examine toxicology results, any video evidence that exists, the arresting officer's statement, witness statements, and more. Then we go through it all with a fine-tooth comb and decide on a defense strategy."

Which strategy will be chosen depends on the evidence that is in play. A DUI lawyer in Phoenix may base a defense on conflicting witness statements, unsupported evidence, or choose a different strategy if that would be the better move. However, it is important to note that these strategies, while effective, don't always result in acquittal.

"Sometimes, the state has an ironclad case and a conviction cannot be avoided. In those situations, our strategy shifts from working for acquittal to minimizing the damage to the client. Going to trial and arguing for a light sentence is one option. Another is to work out a plea agreement with the prosecutor's office."

Of course, a good DUI lawyer doesn't just tell the client what to do and expect him or her to follow along without questions. Instead, all of the possible outcomes, ranging from full acquittal to jail time, are discussed and fully explained. The attorney should also advise the client on which outcomes are the most likely to occur. This will prevent clients from making hasty moves that could turn out to be big mistakes.

"Explaining everything has more benefit than simple strategic value," Steeves said. "Most clients, especially those who are facing a first-time charge, will find the process much less stressful when they understand what's going on and what's likely to happen next."

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