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Phoenix Financial Advisor Announces Introduction of New Website

Site will provide information on savings and investments and allow appointments with financial advisers to be made, reports Phoenix Financial Advisor


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Phoenix Financial Advisor has announced its upcoming site at This site will provide information about investments and other financial instruments, explain the role of a financial adviser at multiple levels of wealth, and offer the opportunity to get personalized financial advice.

"Many people think of a financial adviser's services as being only for the rich," said Andre Gonzales of Phoenix Financial Advisor, "but in reality, these professionals are good for people at almost all wealth levels. Anyone who has any money to save or invest should see a financial adviser to find out the best way to go about it. This is especially true of those who want to ensure that they will be financially comfortable once they retire. With the proper financial plan, this objective can be accomplished with surprisingly little starting wealth."

Retirement plans present many options for those saving for the big day when they won't have to do any more work. The 401k plan is just one of the options. People who don't work at a company that offers one of these plans need to find some other system for saving up. Depending on the amount of money available for saving and the risk tolerance of the client, a financial adviser may recommend portfolios that range from ultra-safe to fairly risky. Even so, retirement portfolios are generally kept towards the low-risk side. This is to make sure that the investor doesn't lose everything at age 64.5 and end up having to work forever.

"While retirement is something everyone should plan for, it goes without saying that a financial adviser is able to handle far more complex investment issues. People who have extensive portfolios use advisers to help keep track of all of their investments and to learn about any changes that may help them increase their wealth. Those who have come into money and don't know the best ways to invest it will also hire financial advisers. This allows them to avoid costly mistakes while allowing them to maximize their money."

A financial adviser's role is to help people maximize their future spending power while ensuring that the risk of loss doesn't become too great to be worth it. Since there is no set level of risk acceptability, the adviser will custom-design a portfolio to meet each client's needs. Those who are willing to "put it all on the table," so to speak, will therefore end up with riskier portfolios than those whose prime objective is to ensure that they do not become store greeters once they're 75.

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