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Phoenix Garage Door Specialists Announces New Emergency Door Repair Service

Phoenix's garage doors often need instant repairs thanks to the area's harsh environment, website reports


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 66 percent of American homes have a garage or carport. Since there are over 130 million residential housing units in the country, that adds up to millions of garages. As the doors of these garages get used, some of them will inevitably break down. With these facts in mind, Jason Whitney of Phoenix Garage Door Specialists ( announces his company's garage door repair services.

"A door that won't open is an inconvenience when the car is outdoors, but it can be a catastrophe if the vehicle is stuck inside and you have to get to work," Whitney states. "Therefore, one of our most important services is our new emergency garage door repair Phoenix. With this service, we can restore your access within just a few hours. This can save you from losing one or even more days of work and the pay that goes with it."

"Doors that are stuck open can be even worse," he noted. "An open door is an invitation for thieves. When the garage is attached to the house and the connecting door is of an interior variety, an open garage door invites those thieves right into the home. Needless to say, you'll want emergency service to restore security when a door refuses to close."

For most people, garage door breakdowns don't involve full failure of the door. Instead, it'll become hard to move or lock. This becomes aggravating long before the door stops moving completely.

"When this happens, homeowners have more time than they would if the door failed completely. This can make it possible to do Phoenix garage door repair as a DIY project ( Preventive measures, such as tune-ups (, can also be done by homeowners. This, however, isn't the best solution for everyone. For busy people, it's usually better to hire a company like ours to do garage door repair and maintenance. This gets the job done quickly."

We asked what sorts of things often cause a need for garage door repair Phoenix AZ. "Phoenix is a hot, dry area. This is hard on garage door grease, the oil used in door openers, and other humidity-sensitive parts. In sandy areas, the sand can also pose problems. It contaminates door grease and also causes excess wear on the rollers or bearings of the door. Frequent maintenance is required to help combat these environmental factors," Whitney explained.

"Of course," he continued, "Garage doors in Phoenix are also subject to everything a door somewhere else encounters. Impacts from cars, storm-driven tree branches, and other such things can dent a door or even knock it off its track. In these cases, emergency door repair services can literally get the door back on track and rolling again."

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