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Phoenix Heating and Cooling Specialists at AC by J Teach People How to Save on Energy Bills


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- AC by J, the Phoenix heating and cooling specialists recognized for their outstanding customer care and excellent workmanship, recently announced that they have released an informational memo describing the ways in which people can save money and increase their level of comfort by making their homes as energy efficient as possible. Many people do not realize that they can quickly and easily perform their own simple energy audit for their homes, which is something that will help them determine whether or not they would benefit from a visit from AC by J, the most trusted Phoenix heating and air conditioning company.

The first step to performing an inspection is to check to see if a home has hot and cold spots. If a person notices significant temperature differentials between certain rooms in their house, they are advised to examine the air vents to make sure that they are working in unison. When vents are wide open in one room and closed in another it can lead to significant temperature differentials, and vents should also be adjusted according to the amount of heat a room receives from adjacent rooms.

Insulation can play a major role in energy efficiency. Older homes are particularly vulnerable to losing heat through insufficient or improperly functioning insulation, and homeowners would be wise to check the amount and quality of the insulation in their homes in places where they can easily access it.

The type and quality of windows in a home can have a major impact on heat retention, and in some cases there may even be a significant temperature difference near single-pane windows and older windows with leaks. People who notice this problem may be able to correct it by re-caulking the window frame, but if that fails they may need to have their windows replaced.

Finally, doors with poor weather stripping can contribute to the loss of large amounts of heat by allowing cold air and drafts to enter a home. Just by feeling for cold air entering at the joints of the door, people will be able to easily determine whether or not this is a problem in their home.

If a person continues to experience uneven heating in their home after performing the inspection procedures listed above, it may be time to call the AC by J Comfort Team, the best Phoenix heating and cooling technicians in the region. For anyone living in Phoenix heating and air conditioning is extremely important, and another option people have is to schedule an APS/SRP duct test. APS and SRP are both offering rebates of up to $250 for testing and sealing of ducts.

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