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Phoenix Now Offers Appraisal Training Course in London


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/23/2014 -- Phoenix, is now offering an appraisal training course in London to help professionals in conducting effective performance appraisals. Phoenix designs tailor-made training courses for the participants, helping them to understand the skills that are the requisite for conducting a successful appraisal and also train them in dealing with unexpected conversations that may occur during the time of performance management.

The participants will understand the benefits of an effective performance management review. The appraisal training course will equip participants to structure the appraisal interview in the most effective way. The training course will also help them to conduct two way appraisals and deliver evidence-based feedback after conducting the performance appraisal.

Phoenix’s training course is structured, keeping in mind the present and future requirements of the clients’ business. Their courses are just not for the sake of annual performance appraisal(which is mandatory to conduct) but these courses can be used as a key development tool on a regular basis which includes structured appraisals, regular feedback and clear goal-setting.

Elaborating the performance appraisals, one of their representatives stated, “Historically, Performance Management has been viewed as nothing more than an HR enforced process with little or no direct impact on an organisation's commercial success. In many cases the appraisal interview is often dreaded equally by both managers and their employees. Phoenix however sets out to clearly demonstrate the link between effective performance management, individual and team motivation and overall business performance.”

About Phoenix
Phoenix has 18 years of experience in supporting their clients to change, develop and grow. Their programmes draw on the latest research into effective learning that makes a difference in the real world. Whichever medium they use, the learning is always participative, and they underpin all their programmes with structured implementation and learning-transfer activities to ensure employees and companies can truly achieve lasting change and genuine expertise in Leadership & Management, Sales, Commercial Skills and Communication. Their design and delivery team, supported by expert client relationship and administrative personnel, work together seamlessly to provide their clients with training experience that is second to none.

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