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Phoenix Offering Leadership Development Training Courses to Foster Managerial Skills


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- Phoenix is now offering the leadership development training courses to foster managerial skills.This training is intended to develop a structured and persistent leadership approach in individuals, organizations and wider purposes. Moreover, this programme is designed to forecast the vision and instill leadership values. This programme consists of six modules and its time period is one month.

Phoenix’s tailor-made programmes are exclusively designed by expert people who know how to instill leadership quality and corresponding strategy. The programmes help to identify the personal behavior preference of the clients making into use PRISM and recognizing the key development areas, strengths and weakness. This programme makes clients aware of the traits which are essential for being a leader and work to harvest those traits in the clients.

Citing the benefits of the leadership development training courses, one of the representatives from the company stated,“The course will provide participants with a structured approach to leading performance as well as identifying the key skills required to set clear objectives and performance expectations. Participants will understand the need for a fair and consistent approach to evaluation and clear and precise communication.Additionally, we will explore the correlation between behavior and results, identifying the leadership strategies required to continually improve both performance standards and individual motivation.”

Phoenix also provides sales &business development, business &commercial acumen, communication programs and leadership and management training courses.

About Phoenix
Phoenix has 18 years of experience in supporting their clients to change, develop and grow. Their programmes draw on the latest research into effective learning that make a difference in the real world. Whichever medium they use, the learning is always participative, and they underpin all their programmes with structured implementation and learning-transfer activities to ensure employees and companies can truly achieve lasting change and genuine expertise in Leadership & Management, Sales, Commercial Skills and Communication. Their design and delivery team supported by expert client relationship and administrative personnel work together seamlessly to provide their clients with a training experience that is second to none.

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