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Phoenix Technologies Announces Production of Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Phoenix Technologies and anonymous German designer set to launch a new range of Bitcoin Mining Technology


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2013 -- A new collaboration between a mysterious German designer and a Chinese manufacturer are about to release their own breed in ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware. This project has been a close guarded secret, however various twitter posts correctly predicted Phoenix Technologies would be releasing their own range of Bitcoin mining machines in the near future. These leaks caused considerable excitements in the Bitcoin mining industry.

The German side of the collaboration has apparently chosen to take the same route as Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto and remain anonymous. For now at least, his identity remains a mystery. The company behind the manufacturing and distribution are named Phoenix Technologies and are set to take all the limelight.

By following their official twitter page @PhoenixBMC it can be noted that the company intend to launch with 4 different sized units comprised of units with hashing power from 50GH/s, 100GH/s, 250GH/s and a 500GH/s. These units are known as the X1, X2, X3 and X4 respectively. A X5 2000GH/S or 2 TH/s unit is said to be in the latter stages of development and will be available for order in the near future.

For those in the Bitcoin mining rig arena, the arrival of the X series should bring about healthy competition that will increase availability for those wishing to leverage the power of new ASIC mining rig technology. The collaboration is likely to herald a step forward for Bitcoin mining enthusiasts.

About Phoenix Technologies
Phoenix Technologies are Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturers and distributors, their range of hardware is ranges from 50GH/s to 500GH/s. They also have a 2000GH/x ot 2 TH/s coming soon. They are on course to be a top manafacturer in the Bitcoin mining industry. To learn more about the X series or contact the company, you can visit: