The Center for Living Well Announces Christian Yoga Teacher Training

The Center for Living Well, a 501(c)3 nonprofit wellness ministry, is pleased to announce christian yoga teacher training to begin in April.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- The Center for Living Well, a 501(c)3 nonprofit wellness ministry providing Christ-centered wellness education and training, is pleased to announce teacher training to begin in April.

The Center for Living Well’s Yoga Ministry Leadership Training Program is designed for individuals who want to strengthen their yoga knowledge and practice, deepen their faith walk, teach Christ-centered yoga classes, or lead a yoga ministry.

The training consists of a modular approach, where each module can be done independently or in succession. There are five 38-hour modules in total, each focusing on different elements of Christ-centered yoga ministry leadership development, including:

- Module 1: Foundations of Faith and Yoga (Web)
- Module 2: Pose Construction & Anatomy (Yoga Camp)
- Module 3: Class Design & Sequencing (Web)
- Module 4: Teacher Practicum (Yoga Camp)
- Module 5: Business, Marketing & Ministry Leadership (Web)

Each module includes 38 hours of instruction, personal practice and mandatory homework. The format of the program alternates between three modules of online instruction, and two in-person yoga camps held in the Phoenix area. New instructors who successfully complete all five modules earn a designation as a Christ-centered Yoga Leader (CCYL). The program is also open to existing instructors wishing to receive continuing education credits or pursue a CCYL designation.

Module 1 “Foundations of Faith and Yoga” begins April 9 and consists of four-weeks of online instruction via web conferencing on Tuesdays from 5-7 p.m. Arizona time. The cost for Module 1 is $500 and is required for those pursuing a CCYL designation. Instruction is provided in the following areas:

- Introduction to the Bible
- Assimilating the Word
- Yoga History, Philosophy & Theory
- Breath Work, Meditation & Prayer

“Our program is unique in its approach to training in that we place equal emphasis on the fundamentals of yoga, Bible teaching, and leadership,” said Dawn Rutledge, the Executive Director of The Center for Living Well. “All of our instructors receive extensive education and must demonstrate proficiency in yoga theory, yoga pose construction and anatomy, class design and sequencing, teacher ethics and responsibilities, and student safety and enjoyment. In addition, our teachers receive teaching in Bible history, foundations of faith, and applied Bible study that fully equips them to read, understand, study, and teach Scripture. Further, our teachers also receive training in business, marketing, ministry, servant leadership and discipleship to equip them for leadership. When they graduate, they are fully equipped to teach classes, lead a Christ-centered yoga ministry in their church or community, or even open a yoga studio.”

The CCYL class size is intentionally kept small and intimate to ensure the quality of education received and the level of competency upon graduation. Weekly mentoring is provided to improve learning and retention, maintain accountability, and provide on-going support and education. Those interested in participating can apply online at, or request information via email

“My teacher training experience has been life changing,” stated Paula Hudson, recent graduate of the CCYL program. “ After 6 years of searching for the right training program, God led me to The Center for Living Well. The course material helped me deepen my understanding of yoga and my relationship with God. The amount of love and support that I received throughout training is helping me become all I was created to be. The modules offered are devoted to deepening your relationship with God and being equipped with the tools, skills and resources to be successful in spreading God’s love to others through Christ-centered yoga. The information I received has laid a solid foundation on how to fully integrate my faith with yoga and to teach confidently. Looking back I can see why there was a six year delay. We serve a God that operates in excellence, and He wanted me in a program that would fully honor and glorify Him.”

About The Center for Living Well
Based in Phoenix, The Center for Living Well is a 501(c)3 non-profit wellness ministry that helps individuals, couples, and families find healing, wellness and wholeness through Christ-centered wellness programs, retreats, and training. The Center for Living Well is dedicated to providing tools which help people become a healthy and integrated self, dependent on God, in community with others. Program offerings currently include yoga teacher training, yoga and wellness retreats, yoga classes, nutritional workshops, mindful eating classes and coaching, marriage and parenting classes, counseling, yoga therapy, Thai yoga therapy, and Bible study. The Center has plans to expand its offerings in 2013 to include master yoga instructor training, financial “health” classes and workshops, yoga continuing education workshops, and more.

To date, The Center for Living Well has certified CCYL teachers in Arizona, Florida, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Its Canadian Division, based in Saskatoon, is also certifying instructors with plans to further expand throughout Canada. For more information about The Center for Living Well, please visit, email or call 480-250-5967. For more information about the Canadian division, please visit, email or call 306-270-8638.