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MSpy Phone Spy Smartphone Monitoring App for Home and Business Now Available for iPhone 6.X

Mobile phone spy monitoring and tracking software can help inform parents of their children's activities, and help businesses protect sensitive data. mSpy provides undetectable features across an array of communication options on target user smartphones and tablets.


Szczecin, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2013 -- Mobile Phone Spy announces iPhone 6.x support for their popular mSpy cell phone spy software. The application remains available for select Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphones as well. Current iPhone OS 6.X version users can update their mSpy app immediately. New users can get the current version of the mSpy app through Mobile Phone Spy.

mSpy is a customizable phone spy app for smartphones and tablets which provides advanced mobile phone spy tracking and monitoring options between devices. Home and Business solutions from mSpy offer specific features designed for each environment. The mSpy phone spy home version gives parents the option of listening to incoming or outgoing phone calls, logging and tracking SMS messages, viewing photos and browser history, and tracking GPS location and viewing history. A newly provided feature allows tracking of Skype and Whatsapp activity. A complete list of features for the home version of mSpy can be found by going to Mobile Phone Spy.

The mSpy phone spy business version allows users many of the same monitoring and tracking features, and adds the ability to lock and wipe-out devices, define and monitor restricted areas and generate comprehensive reports. An extended feature list is available by going to Mobile Phone Spy.

mSpy phone spy sits undetectable in the background of the target phone. Target users are unaware of monitoring and tracking. The target application is also undetectable. The cell phone spy app also gives the user the ability to control and even lock applications on the target phone. Support for the mSpy mobile phone spy app is available by phone or internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For business security mSpy phone spy app can help protect data through active email monitoring. Sensitive data can often inadvertently be made available by employees while they are traveling on business. The email monitoring feature allows for active blocking of emails that may contain sensitive data that could easily be picked up on a public network.

mSpy phone spy works across platforms. While families tend to have the same smartphone brands, models and operating system versions, this is rarely true of large businesses. Employees typically supply and use their own smartphones for business. So a large organization could see iPhones, Androids and Blackberry smartphones all in use at the same time. mSpy cell phone spy app interacts across all these platforms.

Mobile Phone Spy is a worldwide distributor and marketer for the mSpy phone app.

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