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Phonejoy Wins Hong Kong 2014 ICT Startup Grand Award; Showcases Hong Kong's Strength as Startup Hub


Wan Chai, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2014 -- The Company behind the Phonejoy device has been recognized for their ingenuity as a startup from Honk Kong in the Information and Communications Sector. In the Hong Kong 2014 ICT Startup Grand Award Ceremony held on Monday, April 7th 2014, Phonejoy received both the Best ICT Startup Grand Award as well as the Best Consumer Market Startup Gold Award. It was with great pride that the Phonejoy Company accepted both these awards, Martin Kessler, Founder, Phonejoy expressed his gratitude for being acknowledged as one of the preeminent Startups in Hong Kong at the present time, he stated:

“The new Startup Award category is a big step up in the recognition of the value startup companies can deliver to the Hong Kong community. I believe Phonejoy is setting a great example of how a small company can exploit all the core advantages of Hong Kong from the ease-of-doing-business, close proximity to the Shenzhen manufacturing hub, to the worldwide logistics network that Hong Kong is connected to.”

"For us this is just the first stepping stone of building a viable and long lasting business that can create jobs and bring business to Hong Kong by building something that’s truly innovative."

Hong Kong ICT Awards:

The Hong Kong ICT Awards were established by the region’s ICT industry, academia and the Government of Hong Kong to celebrate and promote the ICT industry and the remarkable achievement within the ICT sector. Established in 2006 the aim of the Awards is mainly to help sustain the development and growth of ICT industry in Hong Kong. According to the Press release ( issued on concerning the Hong Kong ICT Awards:

“The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 comprises 10 categories. Two new award categories, Best ICT Startup Award and Best Student Invention Award, have been set up to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture.”

Hong Kong, Upcoming Startups Hub:

During the last year Hong Kong has witnessed as surge in the number of efficacious startups. The trend has been fueled by the enthusiasm of the Government to establish a strong startup community in the region. Ping Wong, secretary-general of Internet Society Hong Kong expressed her enthusiasm for the startup culture in Hong Kong:

“In the past two to three years, there hasn’t been much support from the government for startups, but now we’re seeing organic growth in the community,” she said. “The government is getting involved because they want to encourage startups and innovation – and also because it’s good for the economy.”

About Phonejoy
Phonejoy is a Bluetooth game controller for Android, iCade and PC that offers a full set of physical game controls similar to that of a home console. The device's unique EasySlider mechanism, Phonejoy can retract to a pocket-sized form making it portable and convenient. Phonejoy provides an amazing console experience on the go. The controller launched on April 8th- its cutting edge game controller for smartphones in Hong Kong, as well as the United States on, and a number of retail stores. Price starts at US $69.90 and HK$700 in Hong Kong. Besides the Phonejoy Controller the company also freely distributes a companion app on iOS and Android that acts as a catalog and lists the newest and best compatible games.

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