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Phones Spy Offers 15% Discount on mSpy Mobile Surveillance Software to Track Phone Use

Phones Spy is offering a holiday season special coupon with 15% off mSpy software available until the end of the year, allowing individuals and businesses to keep track of phones over the holidays.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Cell phones are ubiquitous in the 21st Century, and while they have become an essential tool, it also makes it easier for people to keep secrets from one another. Equally, company cell phones are especially vulnerable to abuse and excessive personal use, especially during the holiday season. Phones Spy is a website that offers cell phone monitoring software to businesses and individuals from reputable software developers including mSpy and Highster mobile. They have created a holiday season coupon for 15% off mSpy software, valid until the New Year to ensure calls can be properly monitored by those who need to do so.

For businesses, employees are most likely to abuse their mobile phone service over the holiday; travelling out of town increases the risk of long distance calls, long lasting calls and excessive use of data services that can be inappropriate. mSpy offers the opportunity to monitor cell phone use to ensure this does not become rampant.

mSpy is also useful for individuals who feel the need to monitor their loved ones’ cell phone- those with alcoholics in the family will wish to ensure that trigger words like ‘beer’ ‘whisky’ or ‘drink’ are monitored and alert people- similarly, the holiday season is a problematic time for people with depression. This software can act as an early warning system.

A spokesperson for Phones Spy explained, “The holidays are a stressful time for people and this means they rely more heavily on their communications than usual, as well as other crutches that people may wish to keep an eye on. Our 15% off offer makes it more affordable for concerned individuals and businesses to accurately and importantly, selectively monitor cell phone use so that people can keep an eye on key triggers without being completely invasive toward others. To benefit from the big 15% discount all consumers have to do is enter the words: in the field discount coupon code”

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