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Phones Spy Publishes Updated Reviews of Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro Products

Phones Spy has created new reviews of Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro’s latest offerings to help people looking for mobile surveillance software make informed consumer decisions.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Mobile phone surveillance is a staple of Hollywood and popular TV dramas, but people rarely think about it as having an everyday, practical application. In fact, almost all companies could benefit from mobile monitoring of this kind to ensure company phones are not being abused. Equally, individuals concerned about the activities of a loved one can keep an eye on them using such software, which is readily available and affordable. Phones Spy regularly reviews product releases of this kind, and has published new reviews of Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro.

The Mobile Spy and Easy Spy Pro reviews both use the same format for easy cross comparison- it is immediately evident for instance that Easy Spy Pro offers a lifetime license where Mobile Spy has three, six and twelve month subscription licenses, making it easy to decide which to choose depending on the length of time users need it for.

They then describe the top five reasons to choose each product, as well as giving a detailed breakdown of the features including, the versions released and the compatibility of the software with different phone operating systems, manufacturers and models.

A spokesperson for Phones Spy explained, “Both these products offer a comprehensive range of abilities to monitor phone calls, texts, and even GPS tracking to mark a location. Easy Spy Pro allows individuals to remotely activate the microphone of a phone at any time to listen in on meetings, while Mobile Spy allows users to take live control and make remote commands at any time, variably changing what is required and when. With such comprehensive features, both make a great purchase, but the unlimited license on Easy Spy Pro makes it a clear favorite for long term users, while the unbeatable rates for short term licenses on Mobile Spy make it a clear cut winner for short term cases.”

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