Joe Bragg Sells a Huge Range of Locked and Unlocked Cell Phones


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2013 -- When cell phones are bought with a monthly airtime contract, the cellular carrier usually subsidizes the price of the hardware. This means that consumers can obtain expensive cellular phones for a fraction of their normal price. Some lower cost phones are even provided free of charge. In return for subsidizing the price, the phone is almost always locked to the network. This is a fantastic deal for the consumer – as long as they are willing to only use the phone on one network. However this can present a problem for people who wish to use a cheaper network, or a foreign one when they are abroad. The solution is to unlock the phone.

One cell phone website that is getting a lot of attention recently is They are an online store that exclusively sells unlocked cell phones that can be used on any network. They have built up a substantial reputation for selling great value unlocked cell phones, in addition to their huge range of phones that are locked to a particular carrier.

The site has a simple and intuitive navigation system. Site visitors simply select the manufacturer of the phone they wish to purchase, and then they can choose from a drop down menu whether they want an unlocked phone or a phone that is locked to their carrier. They are then presented with a list of options, with clear pricing, comprehensive descriptions and photography of the phones. The entire process is extremely easy from start to finish.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Having an unlocked cell phone gives you a lot more opportunities than a locked cell phone. Instead of being locked to one particular price plan on one particular carrier, you can choose to use the carrier that is most cost effective for you. For example, users of unlocked Verizon cell phones don’t just need to use Verizon sim cards. They can use any card they choose. It is also ideal for international travellers. Users of locked cell phones in other countries need to pay expensive international rates even to make local calls. If you have an unlocked cell phone you can simply insert a local sim card and make local calls at a local price. We have a vast range of unlocked cell phones, as well as locked models. We’re confident that anyone could find a phone in our range to suit them.”

About is a website selling cell phone handsets, both locked and unlocked.

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