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Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- Everybody with a phone may it be cellphones, landlines etc, may have experienced calls from unknown numbers. As there are no restrictions in making calls, many people may get calls from unknown numbers. Such calls may either be misdials or intended to annoy or play a prank on the person at the receiving end. Tracing the call and identifying the owners can be quite troublesome.

PhoneSearchr is a website, which allows users in the US to locate the owners of unknown numbers, from which they have received calls. The website offers this service using a reverse phone number lookup mechanism to locate all pertinent details and location of anonymous callers. "We've got you covered when it comes to finding out who's on the other end of an anonymous phone call," says the company promising that their search technology can yield immediate phone number reports.

The phone number report from PhoneSearchr includes the name of the owner, address, age, historical locations, phone carrier, time zone, and possible relatives. The reverse telephone directory of the company has access to public records and millions of phone books to, effectively, discover the location of anonymous callers and retrieve their details and public information. The information collected will be processed immediately, and customers will receive a phone number report.

Customers can subscribe a 5 day trial of the service, for just $2.95. The website also offers a $14.95 package which features full phone number reports with criminal background lookups, court records, property ownerships, marriage/divorce records of the owner etc. The customers need only access the website, type the number and hit the search button. If they are unaware of area codes, they can look up the area codes by State in the website itself. To use this web-based service, visit

About is a US based web service provider allowing customers to locate the owners of unknown numbers using a reverse phone number lookup system. The website claims to be capable of providing the latest information about the owners in a detailed report within minutes of the search. The fast and easy web service also features an up-to-date phone records database, covering millions of numbers in all the States in USA. The service provider provides monthly number searches for members, at a reasonable price.

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