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Phonethics Digital Agency Mumbai and Red Cherry Digital Solutions Powerful Discuss Social Media Strategy Plans & Tactics

A sound social media strategy through Phonethics builds brand recognition and loyalty, generates sales leads, and creates a positive connection with the community.


Mubai, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Digital Agency Mumbai helps companies navigate the different social media channels to create individual social media strategies tailored to fit the company’s needs. A full service digital marketing firm based in Mumabi India , Digital Agency Mumbai specializes in strategic planning, branding & identity, web development, social media, SEO/SEM, video, sales collateral, mobile, and more. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms offer excellent opportunities for companies to build brand recognition and reinforce brand loyalty by engaging with existing and potential customers. “Social media marketing is no longer an option for small business,” Tateossian says. “It is a necessity and there are no more excuses to sit on the sidelines.” Building a following on each social media account is the first step to an effective strategy. It will not matter how brilliant the message is if no one is listening. A sound social media strategy also: - Informs the audience and provides valuable information; - Generates sales leads; - Builds, strengthens and protects a company’s brand; - Provides an avenue for business owners to respond to news and events that affect their business, industry or community.

Social media channels also provide opportunities for businesses to demonstrate their softer side by engaging in and promoting philanthropic initiatives. This is an essential step for building trust in a brand. It is important to keep the message consistent, yet tailored for the audience on each platform. Tone and style may change to match the audience, but the core message should remain the same. To make it more likely content will be shared, write posts that evoke strong emotions. Appealing to powerful negative emotions can create viral content, but it is not as likely to build a respected brand. Keep the message positive. Be inspiring. Sagar, vice president of client relations at online marketing firm Phonethics Digital Agency Mumbai, says the new trending feature will help create a lot of business opportunities. “In the past few years, Facebook has been focusing on appealing to more brands and businesses,” he says. “The new addition of trending topics should be a successful venture for Facebook. It could help put the spotlight on media organizations and businesses that are talking about a certain topic. It’s also going to be flooding more useful information to users instead of just what their friends say. Brands should begin to make changes to their content distribution strategies in order to take advantage of the trending topics.”

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