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Photographer Launches Website Raising the Bar on Interior and Exterior Architectural


Halifax, Nova Scotia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- halifaxarchitectural.ca is announcing publicly today the launch of their website, offering clients outstanding architectural photography demonstrating high quality interior, exterior, and aerial shots.

Julian Parkinson, media contact and Architectural Photographer, was asked earlier why the site was developed. "Photography is my passion and I have worked in the field for as long as I can remember, I was fortunate to find my passion at a young age. I like to push the envelope and raise the bar with the photography that I've taken part in. For instance, I used to be shoot snowboarding for a various magazines around the world using a variety of natural backdrops and lighting, which helped to expand my skills as a photographer, not to mention it was a blast! Architectural photography has always been something that interested me since the proper camera, lighting, and backdrop can give a whole new look and feel to both the interior and exterior of a building".

Asked about the types of projects he'll take on as an Architectural Interior Photographer and Halifax Aerial Photograper, Parkinson said, "Commercial and real estate buildings are something I thoroughly enjoy shooting by capturing the feel that my client is hoping relay to their customers. For instance, if you have real estate property, without the right photographs, you may be sending a message that you don't mean to. What people do not understand is photos of nature and buildings speak to people simply by the way the photographer shot the photo, so if you want the photo to say 'warm and welcome' but it is actually saying 'dark and gloomy' you obviously are not going to get the same reaction from potential customers. On the website you can see several photos I have recently shot and I will be adding more shots in the upcoming months".

"As a photographer and as a person I continually challenge myself because this is what has helped me win a variety of awards when I was involved in graphic design and combined it with my photography", Parkinson said. So you like to think outside the box or what the industry thinks is 'standard'? "Absolutely! That is the driving force behind my work! I'm always looking to break some of the 'rules' that are set by the industry and show that by doing so, it makes for better photography in the end. It's what gets my blood pumping!", said Parkinson.

He was finally asked what the future looks like for Halifax Architectural, Parkinson said, "It looks very bright and I'm getting a lot of traffic to the website lately, which thrills me since I have had building owners call from all over the world with various projects in mind. It's exciting since I love to travel and will go where the client's building is located. I go over every aspect and detail of what a client or potential client may need and want and based on the work and time committed, I can then offer a no-obligation quote on the entire project".

About Halifax Architectural
Halifax Architectural began as a vision of photographer Julian Parkinson to go in a direction he had never gone before. He draws on his 28 years of photography experience and currently uses a Canon 7D and 5D MKII along with several lenses that are high-end to help get the perfect shots for his clients. The website displays his portfolio and continues to be updated with new shots regularly.