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Photonim.com Brings Online World Travel Destination Photos and Information to Fellow World Travelers


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- Dkd Interactive Media Concept is proud to announce the launch of their new online travel photo sharing website Photonim.com. The website allows users to store, create albums and share travel photos online with other travelers while also accessing tips and reviews on locations, attractions, hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Every world traveler sees each corner of the world in a unique way, and their vacation photos often tell a better story of a destination than any brochure ever could. The Photonim project concept was born out of this belief a year ago. The recent launch of the new portal fulfills the desire to provide real photos and accurate information to all those who have a passion for travelling. The website has a simple design and a user-friendly menu that allows users to create albums and share photos with other travelers.

“We’ve found that the best travel guides are other travelers, so we created a website that would be an expanding community of travelers featuring photos of the world’s most beautiful spots and the people that live there,” said a Photonim.com spokesperson. “In addition to online travel photo storage and display for family and friends, the website becomes a way for travelers to learn and share information about vacation spots through photos and experiences of other travelers.”

For everyone desiring to see wonderful destination photos or find out the opinion of others on a place they wish to visit, Photonim is the ideal pathway where people exchange all kinds of information about places around the world. By using Photonim, users will always have access to their travel photos and will be in touch with new information on their favourite cities, attractions, hotels and more.

Users can create an account were they can upload photos from visited destinations ranging from countries, cities, towns and villages to the hotels, attractions, restaurants, and sites they experience along the way. Fellow travelers can access information such as addresses, reviews, phone numbers, websites and much more. They can also find tips and reviews from travelers that have visited the locations in order to make assessments and plans for their next excursion.

In addition to posting travel photos, users have exclusive access to their own online safe called “My Safe” where they can store up to 2 GB of photos that are not for public viewing. Each “My Safe” can only be accessed by a security key given to the user on registration. Another important feature of My Safe is that users can easily access their content from any Internet connection device anywhere in the world.

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Dkd Interactive Media Concept is a full web service agency with nine years of experience in online business during which it has worked for more than 200 clients all over the world. Their goal is to provide high quality and innovative solutions for their clients. Dkd Interactive Media Concept has its own developing projects with its latest project being the online travel photo sharing and world destination information/review portal Photonim.com.