Phowd Expands Range of Services to Include Free Secure Cloud Backup, Partnerships & More

Phowd helps photographers find and develop relationships with professional photoshop retouchers, and has expanded its range of services to include new photo and retoucher management options.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Being a great photographer requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. Photographers must constantly manipulate the interplay of many variables, including natural and artificial light levels, the intensity and directness of that light, the exposure, ISO, distance and focus of the camera, the white balance and more. However, finishing photographs now requires a whole new range of skills to manipulate an image digitally, and photographers may not have the time to become experts in this very different discipline. Phowd instead allows photographers to recruit retouchers from their professional image editing marketplace, which has now expanded its range of available services.

Photographers can upload several RAW or JPG photos and describe what they want from the finished retouching. After making a deposit to Phowd, this is used as prize money for an open contest in which retouching professionals demonstrate their approach. The photographer chooses which retouches they like best and the retoucher is rewarded with the prize money.

In addition to the this service the expanded suite includes photo management tools for ongoing work with regular partners, full resolution and free cloud hosting backups of all images, and invitation-only orders that can be sent to one person or a shortlist.

A spokesperson for Phowd explained, “Our post processing service marketplace enables professional retouchers and professional photographers to contact one another, see each others’ work, and choose to start relationships with one another. What it now also achieves is a set of tools by which to manage and nurture that ongoing relationship with the same user friendly tools and options, so the Phowd interface becomes an essential part of their business interactions long term. We are pleased to see these tools are being well received by current users, and look forward to welcoming many more as word of mouth spreads.”

About Phowd
Phowd is a professional photo retouching and post-processing marketplace. Phowd is a service for photographers to connect with professional photo retouchers. Their primary customer base is formed of professional photographers looking to outsource photo post-processing. The site helps them find a photo retoucher via an open retouching contest process, as well as providing tools to manage photo post-processing workflow afterwards.

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