phpBOB Plugin Releases for Wordpress and BidorBuy


Richards Bay, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- phpBOB is an innovative Wordpress plugin, which allows site owners to list auctions from the largest South African auction site, BidorBuy. The auction site works similar in nature to the widely popular eBay, and allows internet marketers to earn commissions on each referral they send. What phpBOB effectively does is list relavant products on any fully-functional Wordpress site, and prompts users to explore the auctions listed on BidorBuy. If the users then proceed to purchase (or bid on) the product, the website owner running the plugin makes an affiliate commission.

The affiliate will also earn a commission for each new member that they refer to BidorBuy.

A strong benefit to the phpBOB plugin is that it is extremely simple to install and use. It requires no more technical knowledge than knowing how to use Wordpress, and anybody can easily place it on their website. The user can choose relevant auctions to display based on more than a dozen search criteria.

The Wordpress plugin can be used in the sidebar (it comes with a new sidebar widget), or on any post or page of content. It is a great new innovative way to benefit from African visitors. It's only natural that your African based readers will rely on BidorBuy more than eBay or Amazon. They know that the website they are dealing with solely focuses on their country. They have a higher trust level with BidorBuy in comparison to the other similar international based sites.

Internet Marketers and affiliates have been earning high pay checks every single month through using similar Wordpress plugins. Whether you decide to use eBay or Amazon, there is millions of dollars to be made through affiliate marketing. phpBOB serves as a fantastic tool to monetize African visitors though, and is well positioned to receive tremendous success. Since phpBOB's launch, webmasters have already begun implementing the plugin into their websites. If you would like more information on phpBOB, head over to their official website at:

Name: Alan Lewis
Location: Richards Bay, South Africa