Phuket Fit Helps to Kick-Start a New Healthy Lifestyle


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2014 -- By now many people have dismissed their New Year’s Resolutions to detox, get fit and lose weight. It’s just too hard for some people to keep up with the demands of changing their lifestyle, until now.

“At PhuketFit, we will help you Kick-start a New Healthy Lifestyle,” said PhuketFit staff member.

“We are a team of fitness and wellness professionals with specific talents and specialized skills; and we are passionately united in the single belief that we can help you kick-start your new energetic lifestyle.”

PhuketFit,, aims to be the gold standard of training and nutrition in Phuket. Their mission is to create a healthy environment where guests can escape the stress of everyday life and get a fresh start.

Through the use of personalized services and support, PhuketFit helps guests achieve their specific health and fitness goals and make lasting positive changes in their lives.

Guests come from around the world to PhuketFit to achieve specific goals using Detox, Cleanse, Fitness and Yoga and to enjoy Health Food. All while receiving support from people with similar goals and aspirations.

Here’s what they say:

Caroline, from Sydney Australia, gives this review of the new detox, "I've detoxed before and found it to be too spiritual in other places. Here I love how detoxing is being used as a practical tool for weight loss and to detox the body of metals and pesticides and other harmful substances".

"It's turned out to be fantastic!" David from England said. "I didn't really know what to expect at first and I was actually a bit skeptical about the results that could be achieved. But now having spent 5 days on the program, I'm really impressed with the results and how clear and clean I feel. I'd recommend it to anyone."

"I read many PhuketFit reviews before deciding and choosing them. I was very impressed by the PhuketFit detox program and making it a habit to come back yearly to cleanse my mind and body". Julie, from Cananda.