PhuketFit in 2014 Introduces Latest Toxin Cleansing Program with Fast Detox Services in Thailand

The program aims to alleviate internal and external stress factors and eliminate toxins. Helps in restoring physical, mental and emotional balance.


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- PhuketFit introduces latest toxin cleansing program with fast detox services in Thailand. The program aims to alleviate internal and external stress factors and eliminate toxins from the body.

“We have introduced the latest detox program with fast detox services in Thailand. It will help you to alleviate both internal and external stresses your body suffers from,” says the owner of PhuketFit.

According to him, living in modern times causes excessive stress to body and mind. Stress acts as catalyst to all the diseases. Stress makes life of a person monotonous. It weakens the immune system of the body and leaves person vulnerable to infectious diseases. To start a healthy life a person has to go for detox program where he or she will give up old habits and embrace new habits. The detoxification of the body gives fresh look and feel to the body.

“We need positive commitments from you, while attending the program. This program will help you retaining physical, mental and emotional balance,” says a freelance practitioner of the company.

He further says that toxins accumulate in digestive system through contaminated food and water a person takes. The cleansing company uses natural and holistic methods to eliminate toxins from the body. During the entire duration of the program, the trainer prescribes cleansing drink consisting of natural herbs, detoxifying the digestive system of the body. The trainer also recommends a participant to take cleansing herbs, dietary supplements, vegetable-broth rich in minerals and liver flush during the tenure of the program. The company also follows other methods like traditional message oil therapy, herbal sauna along with yoga and meditation classes to relieve stress.

“I attended the fast detox program at PhuketFit this year. After attaining the sessions the energy level of my body went up, strengthened the immune system along with improved digestion. I am following their advice at regular basis. Now I feel better than before,” says Emily Grant, Bristol, UK.

The fast detox service is proving beneficial to the participants. The company will introduce similar fitness drives in the future.

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