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PhuketFit Releases 'Active Cleanse' Program


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- PhuketFit™ has launched its new 'Active Cleanse' program to assist users in getting healthier, happier and more energized. The resort has experienced Detox consultants and qualified Nurse. They apply a diversity of medical tools to identify the exact treatment for any specific condition in the body.

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson from the company said, "Yes, we have released our new program 'Active Cleanse.' With our exceptional approach we are sure that people will get more benefits from our "Active Mind & Body Cleanse" than any other detox in Phuket. PhuketFit™ offers most holistic and natural modes to carefully and systematically flush out intestinal waste and cleanse the body from toxins."

The cleansing program by PhuketFit™ includes Cleansing Drinks that are prepared using the most useful herbs for weight control, Psyllium along with other natural herbs that cleanse and detoxify the digestive process in the body.  The resort also presents Wildcrafted Cleanses that are specifically invented for cleansing program. These are wisely selected, dried and ground natural wildcrafted, organic herbal ingredients offering immense health benefits for the body.

They also offer Dietary Supplements or capsules that are made using glutinous rice powder thus they do not include chemicals, young coconut juices as natural juice filled with electrolytes to revitalize and replenish body and Vegetable broth providing vital minerals to keep the body in a balanced state while cleansing. The program also includes 100 percent natural liver cleansing to help in restoring the functions and yoga and fitness classes to encourage circulation and lymphatic systems in the body.

In addition, the active cleanse program also includes daily traditional oil massage, daily pro-biotic, access to air conditioned gym, meditation class, daily herbal sauna, healthy cooking classes and a lot more.

Kelsey Jones, one of the clients of the PhuketFit™ said, "I've returned for my second time to PhuketFit and always have a blast when I'm there. This time was so much better than before because everything has improved so much. I noticed there is more staff this time too, and everything was running far more smoothly than last time."

About PhuketFit™
PhuketFit™ is a renowned Yoga studio with a resort that offers helpful health improvement programs for customers.

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Contact Person: Liam Gregory
Contact Number: 076 289 458 (Office) 076 287 031 (Fax)
Address: PhuketFit™ 91/26, Rawai, Mueang Phuket, Phuket 83130, Thailand
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