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Physical Healthcare Announces Online Appointment Scheduling


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Physical Healthcare  is now offering the ability to schedule appointments online for customer convenience. Appointments can be scheduled at any of the firm’s locations in Hawthorn, Preston or Sydenham. Clients can choose the clinician they wish to see and select from eight different types of treatment they’re seeking, from an initial consultation to pain relief for various parts of the body.

The practice is also offering new patients a special offer on their initial consultation at a cost of just $35. All potential clients must do is like Physical Healthcare on  Facebook  or follow the clinic on  Twitter  before scheduling their appointment.

The sports injury and rehabilitation professionals provide a comprehensive range of services, from physiotherapy, podiatry and myotherapy to dietetics, speech pathology and psychology. The practice offers modern methods, techniques and treatments to ensure patients have access to all the healthcare services they need to maintain the health of body and mind.

Physical Healthcare specializes in physiotherapy treatment and management of muscle, joint and nerve disorders to increase flexibility, restore normal functionality and relieve pain. The clinic’s physiotherapy professionals work with patients who require post-operative rehabilitation and those who have injuries sustained during sports, work and home activities, along with vehicle accidents.

The practice employs treatment methods to address a multitude of conditions, diseases and complaints. Treatment can include hands-on manipulation, massage and dry needling, along with complementary methods that incorporate education, therapeutic ultrasound and nerve stimulation.

Millions of people suffer from medical conditions that the clinic can diagnose through the use of osteopathy to ensure the entire body is working together as it should. Exercise physiology can be prescribed for patients suffering from muscular atrophy, who need rehabilitation following surgery and strengthen the body to treat pain and reduce the risk of falls.

Hydrotherapy is an option that’s particularly effective for those suffering from arthritis and similar conditions. It provides a medium in which the body can move easier and strengthen muscles with less stress and pain on bones and joints.

Nutrition is essential for healing and patients can consult with a dietitian to aid them in making healthy food choices and learn how nutritional issues affect their health. Speech pathology is available at Physical Healthcare to diagnose issues and prevent difficulties from becoming lifelong impediments. Psychological treatments are offered to diagnose and identify mental health issues, enhance performance and learn how problems affect an individual’s ability to function.

The ability to book appointments conveniently online and new patient specials are just two of the ways Physical Healthcare continues to demonstrate its commitment to clients. With a full range of healthcare services to treat the mind and body, clients are only minutes away from modern methods for treating pain, disease and addressing rehabilitation needs.

Physical Healthcare can be reached by phone at +61 1300 581 625. For more information, visit the practice’s  website

Physical Healthcare
Phone: +61 1300 581 625