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Physician Discusses 10 Main Reasons Why the Candida Diet Often Fails


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2016 -- New Zealand physician with decades of clinical experience has published on his YouTube channel a video explaining the mistakes patients make that render the Candida diet inefficient.

The naturopath, author of Candida Crusher program, has dedicated years to the study of Candida symptoms and treatment options. Along the way, the various foods and their respective effects have been investigated, leading to the creation of an optimal diet and a protocol for controlling and healing the yeast growth in the gut.

The Candida Diet still being a controversial topic, an additional video was published to point out the frequent faults in implementing it. Its purpose is to explain why certain people on the Candida diet do not feel any improvement and to point out important elements that get ignored, yet have a serious impact on the results.

The video sheds light on the often ignored aspects. Among these, there is the true impact of alcohol on patients having a Candida yeast infection, as well as that of dairy and gluten. Patients are often guilty of  having common little habits that go unnoticed but have a big impact on Candida growth and the way patients feel and manage their lives. The physician also discusses the matter of supplements and the other healing attempts that only cause more harm in the end. Also, the symptoms that go along with these diet mistakes are being pointed out.

The Candida Diet Plan helps patients eat healthier while still enjoying their food. Besides sorting out the staple foods, it also distinguishes between the good and the bad fruits for the said condition. The unique Anti Candida Diet is based on 30 years of patient observation within the clinic. In the video presentation, its creator discusses the myth about gluten and Candida and even goes into the matter of how an anxiety disorder may affect the state of the gut.

About Candida Crusher
Candida Crusher is the YouTube channel dedicated to Candida and Helycobacter pylori infection treatments and healing protocols, revealing the secrets to a perfect recovery through dieting.

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John Martin
Candida Crusher
New York, NY, USA