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Piano for All Launches E-Learning Guide to Aid Beginners in Learning the Piano

Online piano learning guide launched that integrates visual, audio and literary cues to create the ultimate teaching tool.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- The piano is the most popular instrument for people to try and learn and has been for centuries. It’s unique sound and range have given it longevity and popularity with experts and beginners alike. Transitioning from a beginner to an expert however is more difficult than it may seem, and many struggle to learn the piano alone. Thankfully, Piano For All have released an all in one, interactive multimedia learning guide that contains all the resources needed for individuals to attain mastery over the instrument from starting as a complete beginner.

The site provides a wide variety of guides including ten e-books designed to cover party music, rock and roll, ballads and jazz, with books on advanced chords, taming classical piano and speed learning for those who need to belt out a tune in a hurry. These are supplemented by five hundred audio files and two hundred videos explaining and clarifying the techniques used.

The site also features an FAQ for those looking to find out more about the courses, as well as a rundown of the features included in any purchase and the ability to get instant access for those who wish to begin learning right away.

A spokesperson for Piano for All explained, “We understand that different people learn in different ways but those ways aren’t mutually exclusive. Some people may learn very well from visual cues but also get some benefit from written prompts, while others learn better by a combination of both looking and listening in order to mirror accurately and develop that way. Our guide has been tailored to be effective for all learning styles by ensuring that all resources are available in all formats, essentially forming three unique learning guides blended into one. With this resource, students can develop more quickly than they might expect.”

About Piano For All
Piano for All is an effective online tutorial system that could teach just about anybody how to play the piano through a series of courses. With it, the student can easily read, hear, and watch all that he needs to know how to learn the piano. This program includes 10 e-books, 500 audio books and 200 videos in all. And each one of those could ultimate could help users become the piano playing expert that everybody would like to be. For more information please visit: