Pic Me Games Launches Crowdfunding Kickstarter Campaign for New Card Game Snaption

Pic Me Games has created a customizable game based on people’s personal photos that combines the latest technology with good old fashioned card games in Snaption, and has taken to Kickstarter to fund the project through people power.


San Luis Obispo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- Pic me! Games is proud to announce that their newest card game – Snaption – is live on Kickstarter. The premise of the game is simple – one player finds a photo on his or her phone and the others compete to come up with funny captions, based on the cards in their hands.

What sets Snaption apart from other games is the use of personal photos of people and events, which opens the game up to utilize inside jokes known only to the players, creating limitless possibilities.

The game introduces blanks in the caption cards, which let each player tailor their caption for the photo and for the group. Since the game is meant to be played among friends, using familiar photos makes the game extra fun to play, but images can also be sourced from the Internet, magazines, photo albums, or anything else close at hand for a more analogue experience. Essentially Snaption is the game of funny captions for customizable snapshots where people can say whatever they want.

Snaption is on Kickstarter to raise money for mass production of the original game together with expansions, such as additional card packs and an app version. There are several levels of support available, including a $25 level that gets people the game, all the way up to a $2,000 level that will get investors the game, a handful of cool expansions, a limited edition prototype, a second signed copy of the game, an afternoon with the game creators in San Luis, Obispo and more.

A spokesperson for Pic Me Games explained, "Kickstarter is a unique way to fund projects because it allows creators to maintain creative control and intellectual property rights while allowing them to simultaneously create a relationship with their market and target audience. The donations people make are essentially a great way to buy in advance, which helps us guarantee demand for mass production and enables far more people to be exposed to the product on store shelves. Everybody wins."

About Pic Me Games
Pic Me Games is the games developer behind Snaption, a new game pairing funny captions with mobile phone photos. The game is currently being developed and is open to funding through Kickstarter, with a range of incentives and an exclusive preview of the prototype.

For more information please visit: http://snaptiongame.com