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Pick Me Meal Club Launched Offering a Subscription Based Boutique Meal Planning Club for Vegetarians

Planning creative healthy and delicious vegetarian meals doesn't have to be difficult anymore. Pick Me Meal Club is a new monthly meal planner and recipe club for vegetarians and flexitarians, unlocking the door to nutritious and convenient meals 7 days a week. Clients have met the new club with enthusiasm.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Following a healthy plant-based diet offers both health and ethical benefits that are very widely well known. Less known, for many people, are the ins and outs of nutritious and delicious vegetarian and vegan cooking. Stepping up to solve this problem, is the recently launched HYPERLINK ""Pick Me Meal Club, a subscription based boutique meal club that provides weekly menus, recipes and grocery lists for vegetarian food lovers. The response to the new meal club has been absolutely passionate.

“Healthy wholesome food is our absolute passion,” commented co-founder and chef, Letitia Elizabeth. “So we put our heart and soul into our menus. For vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians who may be struggling a bit with what to eat our Pick Me Meal Club can really open the door to a lifestyle revolution. It's awesome we've been seeing so much early support!”

According to the company, they put a strong focus on fresh, seasonal and healthy meal choices. They span from American food all the way to Italian, French, Asian food and much, much more. All complete with recipes that are simple and fun to execute.

Currently, the price for the meal club is only $9.99 a month. A subscription includes: a tailored weekly menu based on seasonal ingredients; one dinner suggestion a night, that takes no longer than 30 minutes to prepare; lunch and side choices that can be switched off and alternated; custom meal plans; access to a 24/7 recipe vault; and a easy to follow shopping list that can be used at any grocer or farmer's markets.

The positive feedback for the Pick Me Meal Club has been pouring in.

Emily P., from Austin, Texas, recently said, “I recently became a vegetarian and the first few months my diet was really unimaginative and boring. Pick Me has changed all that! It's fun, affordable and I'm eating better than ever. Even though my boyfriend eats some fish and chicken he loves it too. Five stars.”

About Pick Me Meal Club
Pick Me Meal Club takes all the stress out of meal planning and creates a healthy and well rounded meal plan catered to you. Just order one of their convenient meal plan subscriptions and for only $9.99 you can get a package that includes:

A tailored weekly menu based on seasonal, easily accessible ingredients
One 30-minute dinner recipe for each night of the week
Lunch and side recipes you can alternate for each day
Custom meal plans via the Recipe Vault
A handy shopping list for all ingredients easily found at the grocer or farmer's market

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