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Pick My Supplement Launches Range of Reviews on Protein Bars for Nutrition on the Move

Pick My Supplement has now published an introductory overview to the best protein bars on the market so gym goers can get essential nutrition in a more convenient and fast acting way.


Detroit, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2014 -- When working out, nutrition is nine tenths of the results. Making sure that the body gets what it needs when it needs it is essential, but this can be incredibly disruptive to normal daily routines and meal plans. The biggest single need the body has when being transformed is protein, and while protein shakes are great at home, carrying the constituent parts can be inconvenient and troublesome when out and about or at the gym. Protein bars have been created to provide a solution to nutrition on the move, and Pick My Supplement has reviewed the efforts of major manufacturers to make sure users get the best advice possible.

The overview as to the best tasting protein bars includes a detailed buying guide that helps users ascertain for themselves the quality of a product by helping them identify key features, including the source of the protein, the carb count, fat content and how much protein is included in the bar.

The review then picks out the two top choices from the current crop of proteins bars picked according to not only how they meet those criteria but also the crucial x-factor: how they taste. The review identifies Quest Nutrition and Rise bars as the best of the current crop.

A spokesperson for Pick My Supplement explained, “Protein bars are a relatively new innovation and developers are still working out the kinks in the formula to make the bar both nutritious and appetizing. Quest and Rise are both at the forefront of this race and have created delicious bars that have not only the requisite protein but also other essential nutrients which aid absorption and optimize the benefit of consumption. With these, users can get ripped that little bit more easily, and without the hassle of carrying shake powders and other supplements. The best thing is, they’re affordable too.”

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