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Pickens Construction Announces 3 Maintenance Tips to Help Business Owners

South Carolina construction company recently shared 3 maintenance tips for asphalt parking lots. The company indicated that it made the announcement in order to provide helpful information for business owners.


Anderson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2018 -- Pickens Construction, a construction services provider located in South Carolina, recently shared 3 maintenance tips for asphalt parking lots. The company stated that this was a public service announcement intended to benefit business owners with asphalt lots. Pickens Construction mentioned that, although asphalt lots have many functional advantages, they still need to be maintained regularly.

The first tip that Pickens Construction shared was that asphalt parking lots need to have sealant applied regularly. According to Pickens Construction, sealant protects asphalt from the penetration of water and other moisture. Pickens Construction went on to state that water is constantly flowing over asphalt parking lots, and sealant is required to prevent water from seeping into the asphalt, where it can cause damage. The company said that water can react with the chemicals in the asphalt, causing it to break down. The company recommended that asphalt be sealed 2-3 times a year, for optimal protection.

Pickens Construction also indicated that proper cleaning of asphalt parking lots is required. According to Pickens Construction, all debris – including dirt, rocks, leaves, sticks, and mineral aggregates – need to be removed from the surface of the parking lot. The company stated that allowing this debris to accumulate can lead to pooling and water damage. The company said that the reason for this is that debris can prevent the water from properly flowing off of the surface of the asphalt.

The third and final tip that Pickens Construction shared was that timely and effective repairs of asphalt parking lots are necessary. The company mentioned that inspections should be performed in order to confirm that repairs are required. If, in fact, repairs are required, Pickens Construction recommends making them as soon as possible, so that the damage does not worsen.

Along with these announcements, the company's blog shares many useful tips and helpful information, such as

Pickens Construction closed its announcement by providing some company information. Pickens Construction shared that it has been in the paving and construction business since 1946. The company indicated that it serves homeowners and businesses throughout the Anderson, SC area. The company also stated that it is a member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), and uses 100% recyclable asphalt.

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