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Pickens Construction Company Announces the Importance of Proper Storm Drainage


Anderson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2017 -- Given the recent wet weather in the Anderson, SC area, local construction firm Pickens Construction Company has made a public service announcement regarding the importance of proper storm drainage. According to Pickens, a property that does not have a proper storm drainage system runs the risk of extensive water damage, due to excess water that has been left standing. Pickens also stated that standing water can cause serious problems to the health of residents, employees, and/or visitors of a property. For that reason, according to Pickens, it is important that home and business owners make sure that a proper storm drainage system is in place.

Pickens stated that a proper storm drainage system consists of pipes and drains that allow excess water to runoff into the sewer system, where it will not cause any property damage or health hazards. According to Pickens, many property owners do not realize that there is a problem with their storm drainage system until it is too late - that is - when a serious problem arises. Pickens therefore expressed the importance of having a storm drainage system inspected frequently, so that any repairs or upgrades could be made before the outbreak of a major storm.

Pickens also announced that it has provided storm drainage inspection and repair services in South Carolina and Georgia for many years. The company stated that it is willing to provide an inspection and quote for residents of the Anderson, South Carolina area. Pickens stated that it has provided such services for several large commercial and industrial facilities. According to Pickens, such storm drainage repair and inspection services have been instrumental in property maintenance for several major businesses in the Anderson, South Carolina area. Pickens went on to refer anyone interested in further details to visit its website at Pickens also stated that estimate requests could be submitted directly to its website. Pickens closed by saying that it provides a number of construction services in the Anderson area, including rock crushing, driveway repair, road and parking lot construction, and asphalt mixing.

Company: Pickens Construction
Address: 415 McGee Rd., Anderson, SC 26925
Phone: 864-224-8999