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Pickens Construction Saves Clients Money with Advice for Reducing Paving Costs

Pickens Construction, a long-time construction firm based in South Carolina, recently shared 3 tips intended to help people reduce their paving costs. The company stated that this was intended as a public service announcement.


Anderson, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2018 -- Anderson, South Carolina's Pickens Construction recently shared 3 tips that will help reduce people's paving bills. The company mentioned that this announcement was intended to help people find the best bargains on potentially costly paving projects.

The first money-saving tip that Pickens Construction shared was that repairs should be considered over full replacements. According to Pickens Construction, it is much cheaper and easier to repair asphalt than to replace it. Pickens construction indicated that this is especially true for minor damage. The company stated that repairs include re-sealing, as well as filling cracks and potholes.

The second cost-cutting tip that Pickens construction shared was that cost-effective materials should be used during paving. The company indicated that asphalt is one of the most cost-effective paving materials around, and should be used whenever possible. The company went on to state that asphalt costs little money to install and repair. According to Pickens Construction, costs can be cut further by using recycled asphalt. The company said that recycled asphalt is just as effective as brand new asphalt, but comes at a lower price. More information concerning paving, resurfacing, resealing, and repairs can be found at

The third and final tip that Pickens Construction shared regarding paving was that competent paving contractors should always be used for paving projects. According to Pickens Construction, one of the advantages of hiring a competent paving contractor is that they provide quality work that will last longer and incur fewer repair and replacement costs in the long run. The company advised that anyone looking to hire a paving contractor should check that contractor's licensing and credentials, as well as reviews from other customers. The company mentioned that this is the best way to ensure quality.

Pickens Construction concluded its announcement by sharing some company information. The company indicated that it has been in the business a long time, having set up shop in 1946. The company went on to mention that it provides a variety of services, including milling, crushing, commercial/industrial paving, and road construction. The company also stated that is a member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association, or NAPA. Pickens construction closed by saying that it is an environmentally-conscious company that uses 100% recycled asphalt. The construction company can be followed at

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