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Picking Perfection News Magazine Addressed Pick Cart Effectiveness

Picking Perfection News Magazine Addressed Pick Cart Effectiveness


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- In the current issue of Picking Perfection, the weekly newsletter discussed how distribution centers (DCs) have tested pick carts and after three months of testing 10 carts; the overall results were impressive. Picking productivity increased 36%. The error-free rate was reduced from 97.5% to 99.5%. Training time was reduced to less than one day. Most importantly in examining these data is that there was less resistance among new pickers to try the new pick cart technology, and the overall picking productivity was an impressive 46%. For new hires, the training curve is much shorter and stress level much lower than previous paper-based system. IT involvement for pick cart solutions is minimal, usually less than two days for setup, data exchange, and testing.

In the September 22nd issue of Picking Perfection, recent Pick-to-light (PTL) research was examined. PTL is an order fulfillment system that is light directed, which helps order pickers increase pick speeds and accuracy. Eliminating paper picking, pickers' hands are free to pick an order. PTL systems use a computer to direct lights at pick locations such as carousels, carton flow racks, shelving storages, static shelving, and batch picking carts, to indicate the items and quantities to pick. Once order pickers complete the task indicated by the light modules, they simply push a button to confirm picks.

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